Nick Schleyer 

Music Teacher

I teach beginners on all instruments listed, as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced trumpet players. Learn how to play your instrument, as well as how to write and read music. I do in-home or online lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 

More about Early Music Lessons!

 - Similar to their elementary school music classes, but one on one and tailored to their interests.

 - Students will learn how to read, write, perform, and create music.

 - Music is FUNdamental!

Teaching Philosophy

I teach music because it is a fundamental part of being human. My goal is to draw out the music that is already within my students. I have a deep rooted belief in the potential of everyone to succeed. All students should have the opportunity to create and perform music. In creating and performing music, students should have a historical, cultural, and analytical understanding of a diverse repertoire of music. As a New Music Equity Action signatory, I am committed to providing students with a diverse program of study, with at least 25% of materials being created by underrepresented minorities, including females, non-binary, LGTBQ+, and BIPOC. Music is a competitive field, and music education for students should have a competitive edge, within the classroom and outside the classroom. The classroom should be a safe and supportive environment where all students have the opportunity to grow and learn from each other. In music, students learn necessary life skills: teamwork, communication, discipline, humility, courtesy, problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience, and leadership. For the student, music is fundamental to their growth in becoming a member of society. 


Conducting Concert Band
Conducting Concert Band



Conducting Concert Band
Conducting Concert Band


Flute Lesson

Trumpet Lesson

Percussion Lesson

Piano Performance

Clarinet Lesson

Trombone Lesson

Ukulele Performance

Horn Performance